Wednesday, February 4, 2009

EMRI services not affected by Satyam scam

 SHILLONG, Feb 4 – The Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI), conceptualized by Satyam founder chairman B Ramalinga Raju, will go on with a new lookout to further the free health services to the people, EMRI chief and board member of Satyam, Venkat Changvalli categorically stated here yesterday.

Answering queries related to Satyam fundings to the EMRI projects, Changavalli told newsmen, Raju voluntarily funded Rs 37 crore to the project and our project will go on because it is not related to any investment for financial benefits.

Elaborating about Raju volunteered fundings to EMRI till he informed him about the financial controversies resulting in his arrest, Changvalli stated, Raju’s resignation on January 7 and the Stayam anomalies have nothing do to with EMRI.

Raju used his personal and family property to provide software technology to us, stated the CEO of EMRI, adding, Satyam has a new board set up and it is still supporting us as per the five years contract that can be extended for another five years. The contract was excuted in 2005.

With Satyam encountering a crisis that has hit the headlines each day, Changavalli was, however, apt that EMRI is looking for new partners from the corporate sectors to carry the mission of providing quality health care and emergency health services in right earnest.

The 108 emergency response service will not encounter any hiccups, stated Changavalli, even as he listed that six corporate houses have been approached for similar aid besides the other enterpreneuers who are involved in other big business.

Changavalli, however, added that till a new deal was inked, EMRI would continue its association with Satyam for technolgical support.

“Glad he (Raju) resigned and is facing the consequences. Only thing I can say is that EMRI owes not a single ruppee to Satyam and therefore there is no reverse flow of fund from EMRI to Satyam,” he claimed.

EMRI has signed an agreement with the Meghalaya Government and would run Community Health Centres, Public Health Centres and give emergency ambulance support on a Private-Public Participation.

Ninety-five per cent of the fund would be provided by the State Government, while EMRI would chip in with five per cent to run the project to provide the free health services to the State

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