Monday, June 13, 2011

Delhi alert on Myanmarese

Aizawl, June 14 : Worried over the “unending ingress of Myanmarese nationals across the Indo-Myanmar border into Mizoram”, the Centre has again issued a reminder to the state government to stop the movement of people within a 16km radius of the border areas.

This is the second time since last January that New Delhi had to issue an alert to Aizawl as the Union home ministry is alarmed over the unchecked infiltration of Myanmarese nationals, particularly Chins and Burmese Mizos, into Mizoram in search of jobs and to escape the junta.

The Centre has relaxed the norms for the movement for Myanmarese nationals up to a point in a radius of 16km from the international border with Mizoram to enable the people of both countries to trade in local produce, particularly food and eatables.

In a recent notification to Aizawl, the Union home ministry made it clear that if any Myanmarese national intends to travel beyond the limit of 16km radius, he or she will have to obtain permission from New Delhi.

The Mizoram government in a follow-up to the Centre’s directive, has authorised the superintendent of police, CID, in Aizawl to also act as the Mizoram State Foreigners’ Registration officer to check the travel permits obtained by the nationals from its eastern neighbour. The influx of the Myanmarese people across the 404kmborders it shares with India is a big headache for Mizoram.

Police sources in Aizawl today said there were over 5,5000 Myanmarese nationals are working in shops and as domestic help in Mizoram.

From time to time Mizoram police had launched drives to detect and deport illegal migrants from Myanmar and even detected over 300 infiltrators.

The Mizoram government is concerned that these illegal migrants were involved in drug peddling and prostitution.

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