Sunday, January 18, 2009

Living with fear & loss of belongingness

By: Pastor Graceson Kamei

The whole world is in the last moment of 2008! Yes, Time and Tide waits for none. Think across the days how swift it was. Weeks, months and years left us without noticing. With so much of struggle, strife and pain, the year came to an end. How pitiful and unfortunate for those whose life was being threatened and attacked. As a matter of fact, some individuals are living in a Death row.

One of the worst part of all episodes of 2008 is none other than recruitment of children for underground militia. There were unexpected turns, difficult places, unfortunate up shots and pivotal moments for all citizens of Manipur.

Whatever be it good or evil acts, or be it humanitarian service or Satanic work that had happened in this year shall have carried away. And remember an old adage says. "Even a god cannot change the past". 2008 shall be just a memorable or deplorable past history for us after a few hours from now. All of us irrespective of poor or rich, educated or uneducated desire to live in peace, in hope and in love. Besides, every citizen regardless of ethnic differences long to have the sense of belongingness to our loved ones, homes and to our state.

Albeit, I am 100% Manipuri by blood, I start losing the sense of belongingness to Manipur year by year. It because all kinds of wickedness and uncertainties of life are prevailing here. As such, I feel, for these reasons the Manipur politicians, the rich people are buying Flats and plots in Delhi, Kolkata even in Singapore. Perhaps, it is the wish of the people that these people could build skysrapers and beautiful Bangalows in our hometown. So that Imphal can also have another M.G. street like in Banglore and Pune city.

Losing sense of belongingness to our state is impending impediment to bring development and to do good things for Manipur. Every citizen must dote for where he or she hails and lives. Feeling of detachment to Manipur take place in the mind owing to many reasons together------ insurgency problem, communal feud, depravity, corrupted politicians, injustice bureaucrats and the selfish social leaders. The impure thoughts selfish motives and the likes should ne washed out. The mind of our leaders must first be purified. Because mind makes the man. The outward force is the result of inner thoughts and feelings.

Take note of this. On the way to Tamenglong H.Q., from Khongsang village, a milestone was nearly erected in which '4500 kms' to Bihar was written by charcoal. It was written by one Bihari C.P. Labor (BRTF). Here, the essence of his writing on this new milestone was Belongingness to his native state. District does not matter for him, he longs to there.

Can we have this sense of missing in our mind? Can a child of drunkard or cruel father have this sense of attachment to his father? We are overwhelmed with Fear and sorrow for many in human acts are happening every day in our state. Where fear, insecurity and injustice reign, peace, joy and love cannot be preponderated. But where justice exists, where love rules, and where Equality is put into practice, there is a peace like a child sleeping'.
Imphal is no longer a safe place. Hills and valley are not free from the clutch of insurgency. There is no any exceptional. Collecting taxes, extorting money, and threatening freedom of expression are apparently seen every where. Some overground and underground group aligned together so as to procure illegal business. Many a time, innocent public become a victim of unwanted accident. Killing public without judicial enquiry or without interrogation by S.F. commandos and militant group has turn out to be a normal judgement. Kidnapping children for ransom abducting social leaders and officers has also become a maxim of the militants.
Any family members who succumbed to unfortunate defamatory event or torture to death caused/done by Government machinery or any organisations is appeased by rendering compensation of Rs. one Lac to two Lacs. Thus human value is equal with that amount of money. Will this trend go on perpetually? Is this a universal truth? Let join in hand together to speak out and act against this horrific force. For the capitalists and reputed people, Law of this land is just like a cobweb in which a kite can fly through. But for the common people, the law of this land is like the cobweb in which the files cannot fly through.
Indeed our society is deprived and stunned by the evil force----greedy for money devaluing moral principles. Our present society is encircled with negative influence.

In every zone in our state is being intimidated. Mention can be made, RIMS, Raj Bhavan Minister's Quarters and academic Institution including Shopping places are the eyes of culprits and the thugs. R.S. Sutrees one said, "Better be killed than threatened to death".

All Manipuris have come across with such disturbed, fearful experiences. Enough is Enough! Let Manipur be Manipur. Let its citizen live in peace and property. Let them have the sense of Belongingness to Manipur.
Stop planting Bomb. Plant Boon
Stop Killing. Show Kindness
Stop looting. Start loving
Stop Corruption. Conquer Corruption
Wish you all a Happy & Peaceful New Year, 2009!

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